Our Product Portfolio Groups

Viramal has a sizeable pipeline of women’s health products in various phases of development that are expected to launch over the next several years. Spanning treatments for fertility, menopausal hormone therapy, contraception and sexual health, our products utilize a novel delivery platform that overcomes significant side effects in existing women’s health products and also addresses unmet therapeutic areas.

Among the advantages of Viramal’s proprietary and patent protected delivery platforms are improved safety, efficacy and patient acceptability, reduced side effects, and both localized and systemic targeted delivery to optimize drug concentration.

We are currently advancing the below pipeline of prescription and non-prescription drugs ranging from pre-clinical through to pivotal Phase III studies:

Female Sexual Health

Elegant ™ Vaginal Moisturizer is expected to be the Company’s first product launched in the United States for the treatment of vaginal atrophy and prevention of local infections through pH modification, to be sold over the counter. This product, with its unique technology, is designed to eliminate the discharge often found with existing products.

Menopausal Hormone Therapy

Estrogen therapy both in transdermal (for systemic benefit) and once weekly vaginal (for localized symptoms) form. The transdermal product is expected to demonstrate improved bioavailability, while the cream format ensures patient acceptability and long-term compliance. Additionally, a combination therapy is under development.

Endometriosis and Fertility

A progesterone product under development will limit vaginal discharge common with existing therapies


Development is underway for the first combination hormone contraceptive cream, in addition to a daily progestin only “Mini-pill” cream for breast feeding women and those with a contraindication to the combination therapy. Further, an emergency contraceptive cream delivered vaginally offers a significant reduction in gastrointestinal side effects common in existing products.

Male Hormone Therapy

The Company’s only male product, TestoCream™ (transdermal delivery of testosterone) is a unique cosmetic-grade cream suitable for chronic use in what is predicted to be a $6.5 billion market by 2020. TestoCream has shown 81% success in a partially completed Phase III study.

By developing women’s health products with superior safety and efficacy outcomes, we expect to expand the market for women’s health and gain market share with our improved formulations and products. In addition, we are creating new markets through innovative products that leverage Viramal’s technology platform.

With an established track record in developing market-leading women’s health products and a robust product pipeline that leverages our novel delivery platform, we are strongly positioned for continued success.