Advanced Technologies

Viramal utilizes proprietary and patent protected drug delivery technologies which provide for safer and more effective alternatives to existing products, as well as new products addressing unmet female medical needs.

What distinguishes our delivery platforms is their ability to deliver sex hormones trans-dermally and vaginally through unique, absorbent cosmetic cream like-formulas. These technologies increase the bioavailability of the active pharmaceutical ingredients whilst eliminating unpleasant side effects prevalent in existing market alternatives, which should improve patient acceptability for chronic use. Additionally, our novel delivery platforms enable drugs to be safely and effectively applied in targeted sensitive areas, thereby optimizing drug concentration and reducing overall systemic exposure and side effects.

Patented skin reservoir technology increases bioavailability in the form of an elegant cream base

Unique vaginal delivery platform replaces messy and inconvenient vaginal products

Targeted vaginal delivery facilitates high concentrations of active ingredients to the pelvic cavity and organs, with minimal systemic exposure